Please, if you are not aware of who I (the creator/Ray) am, leave. This is simply so I can find and write down my character's backstories, information, and correct universes. I put this in the category it is in because of my interests and where these characters end up falling. This will also have my AUs (alternate universes) listed.

 If you happened to stumble upon this but are interested in getting to know more about me, you should seek out my DeviantArt page, or just read some things here.

  •  I really like FNaF and UnderTale
  •  I like to draw
  •  I make AUs
  •  I can normally find out how some of my characters would act if I make their backstory first.
  •  I don't have voice claims for most of my characters

 I might make myself a page if this does end up getting found by people that don't know me.

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AU List

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